Do Wheels Matter In Rocket League? Is There A ‘Best’ Wheel?

Various Rocket League wheels with the question which wheel is best

Rocket League is a competitive game, so when you’re trying to eke out every little performance gain possible, you might have obsessed over your car’s wheels. After testing out different wheels, you might think that certain wheels perform better than others. But is this true? Key Points Do Wheels Make A Difference In Rocket League? … Read more

High Disk Utilization On The Synology NAS: Is This Bad?

A screenshot of the Synology NAS resource monitor with high disk and volume usage

If your Synology NAS seems sluggish or it has slooow file transfer speeds, it’s possible that your data drives are being used too much. This is known as ‘high disk utilization’, and while short bursts of high disk activity is normal, sustained high usage can cause problems – including potentially damaging your drives. Key Points … Read more

Why Rocket League Players Spin/Roll In The Air (Does It Help?)

Four shots of my Rocket League car doing aerial spins with the question wait what

Whether you’re silver II or champion I, you’ve probably seen players start an aerial… only to start spinning around more than a malfunctioning helicopter! This raises a few questions: does randomly rotating in the air actually help? Or is the ‘air roll’ button on their controllers simply broken?! Key Points 4 Reasons Why People Spin/Rotate … Read more

Can’t Change Windows Active Hours (Or Windows Ignores This Setting): How To Fix

A banner showing Windows Update active hour settings and the text how to fix active hours when they are messing up

Ah, Windows Updates. When they work, they seamlessly keep our computers up to date. But sometimes they are the bane of our tech lives: randomly failing, or causing our PCs to restart at the worst possible time. That’s why Windows rolled out the ‘active hours’ feature a few years ago. This was Microsoft’s attempt to … Read more