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Hello, I’m Tristan Perry! I’m a software developer ‘by trade’ (I got a Math + Comp Sci degree, then worked as a software dev for over a decade), but now I’m a ‘content creator’… for want of a better phrase.

I launched Tech Overwrite in January 2022 with a simple goal: geek out! Okay, that’s not strictly the goal of the site, but as a lifelong geek/nerd, I have always loved tinkering with hardware and software – so launching a blog about tech just made sense to me.

I have always been interested in PC hardware and software. I remember I had a fairly old computer in my bedroom when I was around 10 or 11 years old (it was the previous family computer, which had been “handed down” to me). It worked well, but it was quite laggy at times.

Around a year later, our village had a bad storm and various powerlines got hit by lighting. It killed people’s telephones, some sockets, and in my case – my computer. Boo!

Fortunately, we got a new computer under the insurance, and I remember being given a choice of what computer to go for. I think I ended up paying extra for a mid-to-high range Dell. Whilst I did play PC games on it, I also taught myself various scripting and programming languages (firstly HTML/CSS/JS, then PHP) – before studying Java in University.

Needless to say, I have always been interested in computer software. I also built my first computer when I was around 19 or 20 years old: it had an Intel Core i5-750 CPU, and it was pretty good at the time.

Since then, I have built a series of other computers – some as part of my job (as a software developer):

A work in progress desk build booting up fine containing a Ryzen 5 CPU Gigabyte AB350M motherboard and Corsair CX550M PSU
A work-in-progress Ryzen 5 build, for one of my new team members.

And some for myself:

A final build with Corsair PSU Sapphire RX480 GPU and stock AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU
A final build with Corsair PSU Sapphire RX480 GPU and stock AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU.
Various power cables have been installed in my build but there is no cable management yet
My current 12-core, 64GB Ryzen PC (sorry for my bad cable management at this point!).

You can find more details about my current home computing setup here, which also dives into my favorite games, home networking and NAS.

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You can also follow me (Tristan) on Twitter – or even LinkedIn. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at:

Note: While I am always happy to receive emails and try and help where possible, if your query is about a technical problem you are having, it might be better to contact the company/manufacturer directly (such as Windows, AMD, NVIDIA etc).

Ownership & Contact Info

Tech Overwrite is a property of Perry Media And Development Ltd, registered in England and Wales under company number 12856747.

Address: Unit A 82 James Carter Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk, England, IP28 7DE

Email: [email protected]

Editorial Guidelines

I have been an avid internet user for over two decades, and while the internet has improved a lot over the years, it has also become plagued by loads of faceless blogs that spam well written but meaningless advice.

As a result, I launched Tech Overwrite to slowly turn the tide against unhelpful content – setting out to only discuss products, software/games and topics that I am personally familiar with. To that end, I have set myself some editorial guidelines and policies:

  • Be accurate, honest and transparent. Discuss the pros and cons of something (software or a product).
  • Never enter into contracts or sponsorship deals that forbid me from saying anything negative about a product/piece of software. While receiving products to test is fine (especially because these can sometimes be pre-release and unavailable to purchase), it should always be on the basis that I can be open and honest about a product’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Always try and give clear, ‘no fluff’ advice in all my articles and videos. While I often find it useful to quickly cover some background about a product/software, I will then quickly get to the point. I don’t want to produce loads of content filled with waffle that doesn’t really help people.
  • Never use AI content tools. They are known to make up facts on the fly, so the use of AI content tools directly contradict my main goals with Tech Overwrite (which are to provide clear and accurate content). I will always prefer to own a product/software, and discuss my experiences based on that hands-on knowledge.
  • If/when I insert an affiliate link into an article, I will make this clear. I will never dupe people into buying products for my own benefit (i.e. due to any commission I may or may not receive). I will also only recommend a product if I genuinely think it is the best one to buy.

Privacy Policy

I dislike people’s data being misused just as much as you do – you can find full details of this website’s data, cookie (and more) use in the privacy policy.