ASUS Prime, ROG, TUF, ROG Strix & ProArt… Uhm, What’s The Difference?!

Me looking confused with a clown hat on with the text ASUS Marketing Exec

ASUS are a bit of a confusing company to buy from, because they have so. many. different. sub-brands. ASUS Prime. TUF-Gaming. ProArt. ROG Strix. Oh yeah, and plain ‘ol ROG. What’s the difference? Is one sub-brand ‘better’ than the other? I explore these questions and more in this video. I also discuss why ROG Strix … Read more

Are There ANY Good Reasons To Buy SATA SSDs? (Shouldn’t Everyone Just Buy NVMe M.2 SSDs?!)

YouTube thumbnail of me holding up NVMe and SATA SSDs with the text No Real Benefit about the NVMe M2 SSD

I loved buying my first NVMe M.2 SSD, because it was so much faster (than my old SATA SSD) – plus it required zero cables. NVMe drives just seem better all round. So why are some people STILL buying SATA SSDs? Well there are a few reasons for this, for example not all motherboards have … Read more

4 Awesome PC Builds For Under $1000 (Including A $350 ‘Console Killer’ – Cheaper Than PS5 & Xbox!)

YouTube thumbnail showing a PC Part Picker list with the text cheaper than a PS5

PC hardware is getting cheaper all the time, to the point that you can build a fairly powerful 1080p gaming rig for just $350 – which is LESS than the price of a PS5 or Xbox Series X console. So in this video, I cover four great PC part lists and builds at different prices … Read more

Beware Of Fake Steam Games – How To Avoid Getting Scammed

YouTube thumbnail with me looking angry with the text Indie Game Scammer

A load of scam games appeared on the Steam PC game platform overnight between 29th Feb and 1st March 2024, with fake versions of popular games including Helldiver 2 being available at a heavily discounted price. Unfortunately these isn’t a one-off issue: fake versions of popular games have been listed on Steam for many years, … Read more