Should CPU Virtualization Be ON or OFF? Is It A Security Risk? (And Just What Is Hyper-V?!)

Me pointing at my PC with the text About To Get Hit By VM Viruses

“CPU Virtualization” is one of those cool-sounding technologies that you just have to enable. Y’know, not because it sounds cool – but because, uhm, you’re about to run an application that really needs it. That’s totally why. But is it potentially a bad thing to enable CPU Virtualization? After all, some people warn that it … Read more

Plugging non-PoE Devices Into PoE Switches: Will It Go BANG? (Power over Ethernet Dos & Don’ts)

Me looking concerned infront of various PoE switches and Ethernet devices

I’ve recently purchased a bunch of Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras for my home’s security system, and so I started looking into powered network switches – in other words, PoE compliant switches. But are they ‘safe’ to use? After all, they send electricity down the Ethernet cable?! And what happens if you accidentally plug in … Read more

“4k” Image Quality Is A Con – Why 4k Varies So Much (Sony A6600 vs Samsung S20 vs Annke PoE Cam)

A very low quality image of me with the text This Is 4K

It always bugs me when companies tout their new smart phones, using marketing phrases like “ultra sharp 4K recording quality”. In reality “4k” image quality can vary a LOT. To demonstrate this, I compared footage taken from my Sony A6600 DSLR camera, my Samsung S20 smartphone and an Annke PoE CCTV camera. This video also … Read more

Always Cool Your M.2 NVMe SSD – Aftermarket Coolers Are Easy To Install

Me showing the two parts of an aftermarket M2 NVMe SSD cooler

If you have a “bare” M.2 NVMe SSD (i.e. one without any heatsink or cooling), then you might want to reconsider this. That’s because recent generations of NVMe drives can run HOT – and this can cause problems for your PC in the long run. Thankfully third party “aftermarket” heatsinks are cheap to buy, and … Read more

Does The MAKE Of A Network Switch Matter? (TP-Link, Netgear Or…?)

Me looking shocked with the text Why Just Why pointing at part of a TP Link network switch port

I recently needed a new network switch for my garage, so I went to purchase a Netgear switch as usual. However I quickly noticed that their price has jumped MASSIVELY: they are now 57% higher than they were just two years ago – yikes! As a result, I purchased a much cheaper TP-Link unmanaged gigabit … Read more

Why M.2 Drives Are ‘Single’ or ‘Double’ Sided (& Why It Matters)

Me pointing at a single sided M.2 NVMe SSD with the text NOT a thicc boi

There’s always a new type of storage on the horizon. One of the most recent changes has been the addition of double-sided M.2 SSDs. These drives have been raising questions about features and compatibility that we’re going to take a closer look at. M.2 drives can be single-sided or double-sided based on how many chips … Read more