Fixing PC Games That Start Zoomed In (Or Cropped)

Rocket League starting zoomed in and cropped on Windows

Is there anything more frustrating than opening up your favorite PC game only to have the screen randomly zoom in? What’s causing this problem and how can we get it fixed? The easiest way to fix a PC game that starts zoomed in is just a hit ALT+Enter which will force the game into a full-screen … Read more

M.2 Slot Under The GPU (Graphics Card): What To Be Aware Of

Installing an M.2 NVMe SSD in my Asus motherboard

Part of building a new PC is chasing the highest possible specs. However, with great performance comes great responsibility. The quest for high stats can cause serious heating issues inside your PC. Today’s high-end SSDs and GPUs get packed in tightly on a performance motherboard. This is a recipe for overheating and the risk of … Read more

Why PC Games Are So Buggy & Badly Optimized Nowadays

A queue for the Cyberpunk 2077 launch

There have been a lot of high-profile cases of AAA games launching with bugs so bad you couldn’t even play. While the Cyberpunk 2077s in Fallout 76s of the world get a lot of attention, pretty much every game has its launch day bugs. Which begs the question: why?! Launch day bugs are more common … Read more

Why PC Gamers Are So “Elitist” And “Toxic” (Apparently…)

Elitist meme saying enjoy your 720p gaming you console peasants

“Oh you game on a console? Enjoy 720p, 60Hz gaming, you n00b!” – Random PC gamer, 1990-Present. PC gamers definitely have a reputation for being elitist, but is it well-deserved? When we look at gaming across both PC and consoles, it quickly becomes apparent that elitism and toxicity is not exclusive to PC gaming. There … Read more

Sound Not Playing On The Monitor Speaker In Windows (8 Fixes)

Checking the monitor settings to ensure that the speakers are not muted

Something that has always annoyed me on Windows is just how difficult it makes playing sound. It should be simple. If you plug in headphones, it should play on there. If no headphones are plugged in, it should play through the monitor’s speakers. Simple. But it’s often not the simple, unfortunately. Windows gives you random … Read more