10 PC Games You Can Play With One Hand

Someone using one hand to control their laptop

Whether you’ve injured your hand or you’re just looking for a challenge, there are plenty of games you can play out there with just a single hand. You can play just about any PC game one-handed if you use the accessibility settings, remap the controls, or use an alternative controller designed for one-handed use. You … Read more

Why Steam Updates So Often (It Seems Like It’s Every Day!)

Another Updating Steam dialog during the update process

There is nothing more tedious than finally getting home to play your favorite video game and then having to sit through update after update before you can finally game. What’s going on behind all of those Steam updates anyway? Steam has to update so often because of frequent security, performance, and UI/UX upgrades. Steam also … Read more

Run Games At Lower Resolution Than Native: Good Or Bad For FPS?

Resolution and display mode settings that can cause FPS drops in some systems

The arguments between getting the best possible graphics of the best possible frame rate all come down to what you’re looking for in your game. However, sacrificing resolution for FPS can cause problems, and you can crash a game. Lowering the resolution of a game can usually increase the frames per second. However, sometimes you … Read more