Why White PC Parts Are More Expensive

Various all white PC components with the text why are white PCs so expensive

All white PC builds look awesome. There’s something clean and refreshing about a build where the case, hardware, fans and cables are all white: (Granted the motherboard isn’t all white – a topic I touch on later in this article) But if you’re planning out a wintery PC build of your own, you might have … Read more

Do GPU Riser Cables (Extension Cables) Reduce Performance?

Do these kill GPU Performance

PC cases are getting smaller at a time when GPUs keep getting bigger, often resulting in people needing to buy GPU riser cables to squeeze everything into their PC build. But if you’ve started having bad performance or FPS rates, you might be wondering whether your riser cables are to blame. Let’s dig into whether … Read more

Never Buy An Expensive PSU (Tristan’s Terrible Tech Tips)

Me looking serious with the text SCAMS on screen

This video is a (totally invalid) PSA from TTTT (Tristan’s Terrible Tech Tips): where I discuss why you should never buy expensive power supply units. I argue (with totally incorrect reasoning) why “gold” and “platinum” PSUs are a waste of money. Please don’t follow this advice at home! You can view this video at: Video … Read more

M.2 Slot Under The GPU (Graphics Card): What To Be Aware Of

Installing an M.2 NVMe SSD in my Asus motherboard

Part of building a new PC is chasing the highest possible specs. However, with great performance comes great responsibility. The quest for high stats can cause serious heating issues inside your PC. Today‚Äôs high-end SSDs and GPUs get packed in tightly on a performance motherboard. This is a recipe for overheating and the risk of … Read more