10 Awesome (Non-Storage) Uses For A NAS

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A NAS (network attached storage) isn’t JUST for saving and accessing files. A good NAS can actually support a lot more – from hosting websites to being a digital document management system. I personally use my NAS as a CCTV surveillance station, controlling and capturing footage from my four Power over Ethernet cameras. This video … Read more

9 Great Ways To Keep Files Synced Between Two (Or More) Computers & Devices

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Households and offices that are packed full of gadgets and computers can be a great thing, but they can also make syncing files between them difficult. For example, you might have some sensitive financial docs on your main home PC, but you can’t easily share them with other devices. Sometimes people then resort to emailing … Read more

High Disk Utilization On The Synology NAS: Is This Bad?

A screenshot of the Synology NAS resource monitor with high disk and volume usage

If your Synology NAS seems sluggish or it has slooow file transfer speeds, it’s possible that your data drives are being used too much. This is known as ‘high disk utilization’, and while short bursts of high disk activity is normal, sustained high usage can cause problems – including potentially damaging your drives. Key Points … Read more

Warning: You Should NOT Use WD Green Drives For Your NAS

A Synology NAS with a WD Blue drive and the text yes; then a WD Green drive and the text no

Western Digital produce some great quality drives: from massive 22TB hard drives to super-fast NVMe SSDs. They also make a drive that sounds fairly eco-friendly: the WD Green range. Unfortunately using this drive in your Synology NAS can have some big consequences. Here’s why. What Makes The WD Green Drives ‘Eco-Friendly’ WD Green drives claim … Read more

Synology NAS After Power Outages: What To Know

A crossed out NAS with the question Will your NAS still work after an outage

Some people barely notice power outages – especially brief brownouts. But if you own a NAS, you should be very wary of them – because even a small power outage could result in big problems, including potentially losing your data. Here’s exactly what you need to know about power outages as a Synology owner, and … Read more