10 Awesome (Non-Storage) Uses For A NAS

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A NAS (network attached storage) isn’t JUST for saving and accessing files. A good NAS can actually support a lot more – from hosting websites to being a digital document management system. I personally use my NAS as a CCTV surveillance station, controlling and capturing footage from my four Power over Ethernet cameras. This video … Read more

9 Great Ways To Keep Files Synced Between Two (Or More) Computers & Devices

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Households and offices that are packed full of gadgets and computers can be a great thing, but they can also make syncing files between them difficult. For example, you might have some sensitive financial docs on your main home PC, but you can’t easily share them with other devices. Sometimes people then resort to emailing … Read more

Plugging non-PoE Devices Into PoE Switches: Will It Go BANG? (Power over Ethernet Dos & Don’ts)

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I’ve recently purchased a bunch of Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras for my home’s security system, and so I started looking into powered network switches – in other words, PoE compliant switches. But are they ‘safe’ to use? After all, they send electricity down the Ethernet cable?! And what happens if you accidentally plug in … Read more

Does The MAKE Of A Network Switch Matter? (TP-Link, Netgear Or…?)

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I recently needed a new network switch for my garage, so I went to purchase a Netgear switch as usual. However I quickly noticed that their price has jumped MASSIVELY: they are now 57% higher than they were just two years ago – yikes! As a result, I purchased a much cheaper TP-Link unmanaged gigabit … Read more