CPU Usage Super High (Or At 100) Even When Barely Anything Is Running? 16 Proven Fixes

YouTube thumbnail showing CPU high usage with the text Dont Do This pointing at the msconfig boot options

A slow computer is one of the most annoying IT issues you can have, especially because they can be so difficult to debug. Finding the issue and resolving can be difficult. This video covers 16 different things you should check and change to speed up your computer and hopefully start getting lower CPU usage. I … Read more

Should We All Give In & Upgrade To Windows 11? Why I Prefer It To Windows 10

Me looking annoyed at a Windows 11 PC with the text If It Aint Broke Dont Fix It

With the ‘end of support’ period for Windows 10 approaching rapidly (Microsoft have said this will happen in October 2025), an increasing number of people are asking whether they should upgrade to Windows 11. I actually upgraded to Windows 11 just over a year ago, and I’ve been really happy with it. Yes there ARE … Read more

Fix Windows 11’s ANNOYING Right Click Menu (How To Always Show 7Zip Without “Show More Options”)

Me cautiously giving thumbs up with the text seriously Microsoft and a picture of the new Windows 11 right click menu

When I set-up a new PC, I always used to install Notepad++ and 7Zip. Unfortunately when I moved to Windows 11 two years ago, both of these programs were hidden away. Right clicking files would just present me with a bunch of useless options. Thankfully there are six good ways to ‘fix’ the Windows 11 … Read more

Can’t Change Windows Active Hours (Or Windows Ignores This Setting): How To Fix

A banner showing Windows Update active hour settings and the text how to fix active hours when they are messing up

Ah, Windows Updates. When they work, they seamlessly keep our computers up to date. But sometimes they are the bane of our tech lives: randomly failing, or causing our PCs to restart at the worst possible time. That’s why Windows rolled out the ‘active hours’ feature a few years ago. This was Microsoft’s attempt to … Read more