What Is The “AMD AI Chatbot”? Does It Beat NVIDIA’s “Chat With RTX”?

YouTube thumbnail with me looking like a cyborg with the AMD logo in the background and a text box saying AI Start Typing...

AMD have started advertising their “AI Chatbot” a lot recently, but what exactly is this? Is it some groundbreaking new AI Chatbot that will ‘defeat’ Chat With RTX (from NVIDIA) or ChatGPT (from OpenAI)? In AMD’s install instructions, they mention LM Studio – and a few different AI LLM models you can try out. I … Read more

Do You NEED TO Change Thermal Paste After Removing CPU Cooler?

YouTube thumbnail showing me staring at my CPU and Noctua cooler on fire with the text Just A Myth

The thermal paste (also called TIM – thermal interface material) can seem scary. After all, the internet is FILLED with scary stories of computers crashing due to insufficient thermal paste, or CPUs being destroyed due to overly high CPU temperatures. As a result, when you come to remove and reapply your CPU cooler or heatsink … Read more