DDR5: How Hot Is “Too Hot”? (Does DDR5 Need Special Cooling Or Heatsinks?)

YouTube thumbnail showing me holding some DDR5 RAM and an arrow pointing to some aluminium fins for cooling

DDR5 is here and – thankfully – cheaper than ever. This has led to lots of PC builders wondering if they should finally upgrade to DDR5 RAM. However some early adopters of DDR5 memory complained that their RAM was “overheating” or running “too hot”. Is this still true? And do you need special cooling for … Read more

10 Awesome (Non-Storage) Uses For A NAS

YouTube thumbnail of me holding up ten fingers with the text Banish Paper and Block Ads

A NAS (network attached storage) isn’t JUST for saving and accessing files. A good NAS can actually support a lot more – from hosting websites to being a digital document management system. I personally use my NAS as a CCTV surveillance station, controlling and capturing footage from my four Power over Ethernet cameras. This video … Read more

Should We All Give In & Upgrade To Windows 11? Why I Prefer It To Windows 10

Me looking annoyed at a Windows 11 PC with the text If It Aint Broke Dont Fix It

With the ‘end of support’ period for Windows 10 approaching rapidly (Microsoft have said this will happen in October 2025), an increasing number of people are asking whether they should upgrade to Windows 11. I actually upgraded to Windows 11 just over a year ago, and I’ve been really happy with it. Yes there ARE … Read more

Is “Fanboyism” Actually A GOOD Thing For The PC Industry?!

YouTube thumbnail with me looking thoughtful and with the text thank you AMD fans

Many people in technology rightly point to really toxic comments and behaviors from a small majority of fans – whether that’s “AMD Fanboys” or Intel/NVIDIA fans. Clearly toxic behaviour is always wrong, but can generally “fanboyism” actually be a force for good in some cases? That’s the question that I discuss in today’s video. I … Read more

Fix Windows 11’s ANNOYING Right Click Menu (How To Always Show 7Zip Without “Show More Options”)

Me cautiously giving thumbs up with the text seriously Microsoft and a picture of the new Windows 11 right click menu

When I set-up a new PC, I always used to install Notepad++ and 7Zip. Unfortunately when I moved to Windows 11 two years ago, both of these programs were hidden away. Right clicking files would just present me with a bunch of useless options. Thankfully there are six good ways to ‘fix’ the Windows 11 … Read more

Stop Connecting Your GPU Power Cables Like This! (How To Properly Connect PCIe Cables For Graphics Cards)

YouTube thumbnail of me holding a split pigtail PCIe cable with the text Devil Spawn

It’s really easy to accidentally UNDERPOWER your graphics card by using a split pigtail cable (also called y-splitter) for 2 or 3 of the PCIe connections on the GPU. Unfortunately a PCIe cable can supply as little as 150 watts from your PSU to the GPU, resulting in too low power being supplied to some … Read more

9 Great Ways To Keep Files Synced Between Two (Or More) Computers & Devices

YouTube thumbnail of me looking paranoid with the text Dont Trust The Cloud

Households and offices that are packed full of gadgets and computers can be a great thing, but they can also make syncing files between them difficult. For example, you might have some sensitive financial docs on your main home PC, but you can’t easily share them with other devices. Sometimes people then resort to emailing … Read more