Destroying Old Hard Drives With The Dexter Morgan Method (A #Short Video)

Have you got some old hard drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) that you want to get rid of? Well there’s a few methods here. You COULD slowly dismantle it and destroy the inside data disc or chips, but that’s BORING!

What I do is follow the Dexter Morgan Method. I use various saws to chop the data drives into loads of tiny pieces. I then bag up each bit, and then take one of my yachts out to sea to destroy the hard drive. Time consuming? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

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Video Transcript

Destroying my old hard drives using the Dexter Morgan method
Destroying my old hard drives using the Dexter Morgan method

If you’ve got loads of really old hard drives with all your data on it that you want to destroy, there’s a few different ways you could do that. You could use the boring approach, which is to slowly take it apart and then destroy all the internal components.

But that’s no fun. The method I like to use is called the Dexter Morgan method.

Firstly, put down some tarp to hide the blood…. I mean, the debris… and then chop it up as much as you can. Really leave no proof… I mean, data… behind. Really chop it up into tiny little bits. As many bits as possible. Keep going until the harddrive is completely destroyed and is pulverized.

And then put the evidence… I mean, the bits of the hard drive… into separate bags, and then get on yacht to go out to sea and chuck all the bags overboard.

So that’s the Dexter Morgan approach. But how do you destroy your drives? Let me know down in the comments.

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