Never Buy An Expensive PSU (Tristan’s Terrible Tech Tips)

This video is a (totally invalid) PSA from TTTT (Tristan’s Terrible Tech Tips): where I discuss why you should never buy expensive power supply units. I argue (with totally incorrect reasoning) why “gold” and “platinum” PSUs are a waste of money.

Please don’t follow this advice at home!

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Tristan’s Terrible Tech Tips. Here’s a tip for you: NEVER buy an expensive,”gold’ or “platinum” power supply unit. They are just scams, pushed by Big Power. A random PSU from AliExpress will be totally fine, and here’s why.

Power is power. There’s no such things as ‘good power’ and ‘bad power’. A PSU simply converts analog electricity from your wall into digital power that your computer can use. Once it gets inside your PC, it’s all just 0s and 1s – y’know, binary, digital power. Those 0s and 1s are just as clear and fast, whether you use a budget PSU or some fancy “80 Plus Gold” power supply.

So save yourself some money – and stand up to Big Power – and buy the cheapest PSU you can find.

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