PC Cable Management Is For LOSERS! Do THIS Instead! (Tristan’s Terrible Tech Tips)

This very tongue-in-cheek video gives (terrible) tech tips surrounding cable management. If you wanted to let your cables live and be free – and also abolish GPU sag, then watch this video. It covers everything you need to know about how you can use some terrible cable management to support your graphics card, and ultimately extend your PC’s life.

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(As always, please don’t try these terrible tech tips at home..!)

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Tristan’s Terrible Tech Tips. Here’s a simple one for you: NEVER do any form of cable management. Ever. There’s two reasons for this. Firstly, cables need to breath and LIVE – and if you literally tie them down and hide them away, they can’t flourish and that’s BAD for your PC. But there’s another, bigger reason NOT to cable manage. GPU sag. Graphics cards are HEAVY and they always droop down a bit. This can cause a RANGE of issues to your computer, including – uhm – making it explode. So to fix this, get any spare PSU cables you have and SHOVE them underneath your graphics card. Really WEDGE them in there as tightly as you can. And BOOM – your GPU sag has disappeared. Zero cable management equals zero GPU sag. Simple. Thanks for watching.

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