Do NOT Sit Your PC Case Directly On Carpet – New Video

If your computer case is sat directly on carpet… stop, drop and roll. Wait, that’s not right. Either way, don’t put your case directly onto carpet.

This is because it will sink into the carpet, resulting in less airflow through the bottom of your case – and ultimately higher internal temps. Either move your case to your desk, or put some wood (or other hard surface) underneath it. Your PC temps will thank you, as I explain in this video:

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Video Transcript

Hello I’m Tristan, and here’s a little ‘Life Pro Tip’ for you. If your computer case sits directly on carpet, don’t do this! It’s really bad for temperatures because air can’t flow easily under case, and into your case that way. And as a result, this will drive up internal temperatures in your computer.

Now if you can’t move your case onto a desk, then what you should do instead is get some wood (like you can see here), and then basically you should slide this under your computer case: as you can see here.

And what this will basically do … wahey, success… what this will actually do is allow you – you can see the little feet are standing up, and there’s good clearance here now. Uhm, the case is no longer sinking into the carpet and what this allows is airflow underneath the case, and this will be a good thing for your temperature: and ultimately your performance as well.

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