A Rant About FF7’s Pricing (Over £200 For Final Fantasy VII, SRSLY?!)

I love the Final Fantasy series, with FFX being my all-time favorite game. So when I heard that FF7 was being remastered, I cried tears of joy. But when I saw the price, I cried. Angry tears.

This video explores my thoughts on FF7’s three-part approach, its pricing strategy, and whether I’ll end up relenting and buying the game anyway.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Tristan. Today I wanted to speak to you about a matter that’s close to my heart: money. More specifically, whilst I’m a few months late to the rant party, I wanted to moan a bit about Final Fantasy 7’s price. I recently saw it “for sale” in the Steam Summer Sale, and since Final Fantasy Ten is my favorite ever game, I considered buying Final Fantasy Seven – until I saw the price.

I mean, £50 in the sale is better than the £70 list price, but it’s still a crazy-expensive game in my opinion – especially since it’s only for a THIRD of the game. I know that us PC gamers have been quite lucky, since we pay lower prices than our inferior console gamer brethren (sorry if you’re a console gamer too). I just struggle with the idea that a remake of a 25 year old game… heck, it’s also a PC remake of a two year old Playstation 4 game… could be so expensive.

Especially for just one part of the game. If the other two parts come out at £70 or more, we could easily be paying over £200 for a single game. I paid substantially less than that for Final Fantasy Ten and “Ten-Two” remastered bundle a few years ago.

The current situation is even enough to upset Beyonce. What, you didn’t know she’s a gamer? She wrote a song about it and all – “play my game, play my game”. Rubbish joke? Sorry, moving on…

I’m so cool. Anywhoo, as I mentioned earlier, Final Fantasy X is (or was) my favorite ever game. I clocked up hundreds of hours on both the PS2 and PC versions, I maxed up most of my character’s stats and I even did quite well on the dreaded chocobo race. As a result, going back and playing Final Fantasy Seven – something which many consider to be the best Final Fantasy game ever – has always been on my bucket list.

My plan was always to.. basically to win the lottery, buy FF7 and then play it for 10 hours a day sitting in my underpants. So I loved hearing that it was being remastered. But releasing it in three parts, with each costing £70 or more, is something I’m not willing to pay. My underpants will have to wait until it drops in price.

Whilst I appreciate that Square are approaching this project as three distinct games, the original three-disc FF7 from 1997 cost around $45 when it was new. When adjusting for American inflation, this would cost $81.95 [81 dollars and 95 cents] in today’s money. So why are Square almost charging this for just one-third of the game?

As you can tell, this pricing strategy has annoyed me. It feels like nothing short of a rip-off, to be honest. I hope that other console-to-PC ports don’t follow this same pricing approach, because otherwise.. I’ll cry.

And that’s pretty much it. That’s my rant. I’m a big Final Fantasy fan, but I won’t be paying £70 (or maybe more) for each of the new FF7 parts. What about you though? Did you buy the first part and think it’s worth the money? Or do you also feel that it’s a bit of a rip-off? Let me know down in the comments.

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