How To Fix The ArmourySwAgent ‘Do You Want To Allow Changes?’ Message

Pointing at a Windows UAC error with the text How To Fix This Armoury Crate Bug

If you have an Asus motherboard, you will probably have the Armoury Crate (or Armory Crate) software on your PC. Unfortunately it’s a fairly buggy bit of software, and any non-admin users will keep getting an annoying UAC pop-up every time they login that says: Do you want to allow this app to make changes … Read more

Help Me! Which 4K Video Editing Laptop Should I Buy?

Youtube thumbnail showing me holding up 6 fingers and asking what the best laptop is for 4k video editing

I have been weighing up purchasing a Windows workstation laptop for 4K video editing on the go, and I’ve narrowed my choices down to six laptops: This video explains my current thought process for each choice, and also asks if there’s any good alternatives that I’d forgotten. Video Transcript & Guide Initial Thoughts Hello, I’ve … Read more

Never Buy An Expensive PSU (Short Video)

Me looking serious with the text SCAMS on screen

This video is a (totally invalid) PSA from “Tristan’s Terrible Tech Tips”: where I discuss why you should never buy expensive power supply units. I argue (with totally incorrect reasoning) why “gold” and “platinum” PSUs are a waste of money. Please don’t follow this advice at home! You can view this video at: Video Transcript … Read more

Warning: You Should NOT Use WD Green Drives For Your NAS

A Synology NAS with a WD Blue drive and the text yes; then a WD Green drive and the text no

Western Digital produce some great quality drives: from massive 22TB hard drives to super-fast NVMe SSDs. They also make a drive that sounds fairly eco-friendly: the WD Green range. Unfortunately using this drive in your Synology NAS can have some big consequences. Here’s why. What Makes The WD Green Drives ‘Eco-Friendly’ WD Green drives claim … Read more

Synology NAS After Power Outages: What To Know

A crossed out NAS with the question Will your NAS still work after an outage

Some people barely notice power outages – especially brief brownouts. But if you own a NAS, you should be very wary of them – because even a small power outage could result in big problems, including potentially losing your data. Here’s exactly what you need to know about power outages as a Synology owner, and … Read more

Here’s Why PC Gaming Is Basically Pay To Win

A gaming PC and console with the text PC Gaming is the real Pay To Win

“Microtransactions“, “loot boxes” and “freemium” are all phrases that have (unfortunately) become common to us over the past 1-2 decades. These are all forms of ‘pay to win’, whereby games are designed so that you can sort of beat them for free – but it’s often much quicker to pay a small amount for a … Read more