Crucial Tips To Protect Your PC When Moving Home

I recently moved house, and naturally my mind was laser focused on all the important things: that my wife, kids, cats and PC were all moved safely.

Some people assume that their PC will arrive in one piece and will work fine after a move, but sadly this isn’t always the case! Some components – such as your graphics card and potentially your CPU cooler – can be fragile, and break in transit.

Ideally you should remove any fragile components, and store them in their original box (I always keep my GPU boxes). Then pack your PC case securely, ideally in the original box. After you have moved, put your GPU back and check that your PC boots on. If it does, get your room and desk set back up and try out a final boot up.

I show this all in a recent short video:

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Video Transcript

When you move house, you need to make sure that you protect your computer because it can easily break. One of the things you could do is disassemble your computer into all the individual boxes, but that takes ages! So throw them away and instead just keep two: your graphics card, and your case.

That’s because your graphics card is fragile, so put that in the original box. Then get the original computer case and put that in the box as well. This will protect your computer as best as possible… unless the removal people leave it on the side in the removals van: whoops!

Anyway, in the new house, get your case and your graphics card, and start putting your graphics card back. So plug in the power supply cables, and then check that the screws are in, and it’s tightly secured to the case. Then before you put your room back together, just check your computer turns… on which it does: wahay!

Everything’s turning on fine, all the fans are spinning. So now get your room back together and start turning everything on. Put the switch on there, put the computer switch on, and then check the fans come on: which they do!

And check the computer boots up… which it does. Brilliant!

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