ASUS Prime, ROG, TUF, ROG Strix & ProArt… Uhm, What’s The Difference?!

Me looking confused with a clown hat on with the text ASUS Marketing Exec

ASUS are a bit of a confusing company to buy from, because they have so. many. different. sub-brands. ASUS Prime. TUF-Gaming. ProArt. ROG Strix. Oh yeah, and plain ‘ol ROG. What’s the difference? Is one sub-brand ‘better’ than the other? I explore these questions and more in this video. I also discuss why ROG Strix … Read more

What is “TUF Gaming” and “ROG”? (Is It Just Asus Marketing?)

An ASUS TUF Gaming B550M Plus motherboard for AMD Ryzen

When I first built an AMD Ryzen system, I went with a budget Asus B350M motherboard. It sucked. It often failed to POST or boot properly, and I could never get my ‘supported’ RAM to run at the advertised speed. But I digress – the fact it was a bad motherboard isn’t relevant here. What … Read more