GPU Active vs Fan vs Passive Cooling – What’s The Difference? (Is Liquid Best?)

Holding my Sapphire RX480 graphics card

Graphics cards have never been at a higher premium. We’re using them for everything from creative software to high on gaming. With all of this workload, how can you keep your graphics card cool? You have plenty of options when it comes to keeping your graphics card cool. Passive cooling is the quietest and most … Read more

What Is The Chassis Fan (“CHA_FAN”) Connector? What Are “Chassis” Fans?

A comparison between CPU and chassis fans

Are you thinking about building your own computer? Do you want to customize your existing computer to meet your needs? If so, you are probably thinking about the performance of the computer. You may want to handle gaming, or you may be looking for a powerful computer that you can use to quickly trade stocks … Read more