My Home Setup (12 Core/64GB PC, Gigabit Networking & Mesh Wi-Fi)

Me pointing with the text I Love My PC THIS Much

I freely admit that my study (and PC) looks a bit… boring: The lack of sparkly RGBs or triple 4K monitors means that I won’t win any style awards. However I’m actually pretty happy with my home computing setup, which includes a fairly powerful 4K video editing PC (that has 12 cores and 64GB of … Read more

M.2 Slot Under The GPU (Graphics Card): What To Be Aware Of

Installing an M.2 NVMe SSD in my Asus motherboard

Part of building a new PC is chasing the highest possible specs. However, with great performance comes great responsibility. The quest for high stats can cause serious heating issues inside your PC. Today’s high-end SSDs and GPUs get packed in tightly on a performance motherboard. This is a recipe for overheating and the risk of … Read more

GPU Active vs Fan vs Passive Cooling – What’s The Difference? (Is Liquid Best?)

Holding my Sapphire RX480 graphics card

Graphics cards have never been at a higher premium. We’re using them for everything from creative software to high on gaming. With all of this workload, how can you keep your graphics card cool? You have plenty of options when it comes to keeping your graphics card cool. Passive cooling is the quietest and most … Read more

Should I Use The M.2 Heatsink With My Mobo (Or A Separate One?)

A motherboard with bare M.2 slot and also a separate M.2 heatsink cover

M.2 storage drives offer you the best performance, but they also generate some of the highest temperatures on your motherboard. More motherboard manufacturers are shipping with M.2 heatsinks, but are they worth it? The M.2 heatsink that comes with your motherboard is a great option if you’re looking to save money and ensure that all of … Read more

Why I Purchased An AMD RX 6700 XT GPU NOW (Even Though GPU Prices Are Still Falling)

Me pointing at my new AMD graphics card with the text Why

Since Nvidia is (generally) better than AMD for both gaming and video editing, I had always decided that my next GPU would be an Nvidia one – and probably the RTX 3060 Ti. So… why did I randomly purchase an AMD RX 6700 XT for £100 more than MSRP, especially when GPU prices are falling … Read more

Does The M.2 Brand Matter? (Should You Just Buy ANY SSD?!)

Someone holding an M.2 SSD Samsung 970 Pro drive

M.2 NVMe drives are getting more popular than ever and this means more brands are entering the market. We’ve got tried and true brands and budget newcomes all selling M.2 NVMe drives with equal stats, but is a name brand really better? The brand of your M.2 drives matters most when it comes to build … Read more