High, Balanced, Ultimate: Which Ryzen Power Plan Is ‘Best’?

How to access balanced high perf and power saver power options on Windows 10

Ultimate? Performance? Balance? Picking a power setting shouldn’t feel like deciding between the character stats of the latest RPG. What’s the difference between these Ryzen power plans anyway? Ryzen offers three basic power plans: Balanced, High Performance, and Ultimate. Balanced works on saving energy and lowering heat, High Performance opens up the clock speed for faster … Read more

AMD Precision Boost: How To Disable It & What Else To Check

Setting manual CPU clock frequency in the Asus BIOS by changing the Ai Overclock value from Auto to Manual

Setting your own clock speed has gotten easier than ever thanks to performance tools like AMD Radeon, but what happens when you want to disable some of these built-in performance boosting presets? You can disable AMD Precision Boost by entering into your BIOS menu and disabling this feature in the Advanced menu. You can also … Read more

Will AMD GPUs Work With Intel CPUs (And Vice Versa)? What About NVidia?

The box of a AMD Sapphire RX 6700XT Radeon graphics card GPU

If you’ve got your eyes set on a brand-new NVidia GPU, but you’ve got an AMD or Intel CPU, will it work? What about AMD and Intel? Can those long-time rivals be combined into one PC? You can combine any brand graphics card with any brand CPU without worrying about compatibility problems. Currently, all brands … Read more