Does The M.2 Brand Matter? (Should You Just Buy ANY SSD?!)

Someone holding an M.2 SSD Samsung 970 Pro drive

M.2 NVMe drives are getting more popular than ever and this means more brands are entering the market. We’ve got tried and true brands and budget newcomes all selling M.2 NVMe drives with equal stats, but is a name brand really better? The brand of your M.2 drives matters most when it comes to build … Read more

Do NVMe M.2 Drives Last Longer Than ‘Normal’ SSDs?

Two M.2 SSD drives and various heat sink components

Buying storage for your PC is a delicate balancing act between performance, capacity, and price. While NVMe M.2 drives are clearly more powerful, SATA SSDs provide a budget conscious option. However, which drive will outlast the other? A NVMe M.2 drive and a SATA SSD actually have very similar lifespans. NVMe M.2 drives use nearly … Read more